Our Gallery


Sonny and Georgia Phillips opened the Charles St. Gallery in 1998, in a  two-story house in the historic district of Beaufort, South Carolina. In  this restored 1300 square foot space, they provide a detailed yet cleanly  minimalist setting for the artists of Beaufort to reveal their work. The  high-ceilinged rooms provide vibrant Lowcountry sunlight for perusal of the  artwork that the Phillips selectively invite into their gallery. Exotic,  pristine plants nestle in corners, mirroring the care that the artists put  into their work. The courtyard leading to the busy workshop is a haven  reminiscent of obscure European museums. The garden, with prime coastal  flora, puts the exhibited sculpture to a test.


The varied influences of the Phillips’ lives have flourished Beaufort. Just    as artists take inspiration from the world near and far, the Charles St.    Gallery draws on its Lowcountry home, the breadth of the United States,    ingrained European sensibilities, and the finishing-touch delicacy of Japan.    This gallery is home to what is best in art, openness and beauty.


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